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Our School


Franklin Middle School engages our diverse community of lifelong learners to empower themselves through innovation and collaboration.


Franklin Middle School is committed to creating a safe environment that fosters innovation and collaboration, emphasizing the whole child. We strive for excellence through a rigorous curriculum, high expectations, and accountability. Our diverse community of lifelong learners is grounded in respect and unwavering, positive relationships.

Our Beliefs in Educating the Whole Child

Franklin Middle School believes...
1. School is a physically and mentally safe environment that fosters collaboration.
2. Students are engaged by a rigorous curriculum with high social and academic expectations.
3. Accountability leads to success.
4. Learning is grounded in strong, positive relationships.
5. Our learning community welcomes and respects each other.

Character Development


Franklin scholars work to develop leadership qualities in a variety of settings and nurture these abilities in themselves and others in order to make a meaningful impact with the best possible outcomes in our community. 


Our Franklin scholars come to school everyday to learn at their highest potential in order to achieve their goals and dreams.


Franklin scholars demonstrate understanding and sensitivity to the experiences and feelings of others by putting aside judgment in order to understand and respect another person’s emotions and perspective.


Franklin scholars are dependable, keep promises, honor commitments and accept the consequences for what they say and do in order to develop their own potential.


Franklin scholars develop a strong moral compass to guide their actions in order to be honest and fair in their consideration and regard for self, others and their community.