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Summit Personalized Learning

What is Summit Personalized Learning Program?

It is an online learning tool that empowers teachers to customize instruction and meet students’ unique needs. It helps students connect their long term goals to their daily actions. Students move at their own pace to learn skills, apply those skills to real world projects and reflect on their learning.

Through the learning platform, students engage in weekly personalized learning time, project time, and mentoring in each content area.

What is Personalized Learning Time (PLT)?

Each student will engage in personalized learning time (PLT) for language arts, math, social studies, and science.  During this time, students are able to access the online learning platform to work through individualized playlists.  Each of the playlists is aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards and your individual student's’ needs.  As students master the concepts at their own pace, they take assessments on demand.

What is Project Time?

Students engage with project-based learning that connect PLT and the classroom to the real world. When students work in teams to apply what they're learning to projects that mimic and solve real-world problems, they develop strong collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.  Through the projects, students are assessed on the cognitive skills which are needed for college and career readiness.

What is Mentoring?

During weekly mentoring time, teachers work with your student to develop strong relationships that help them make a plan for success in college, career, and life.  They assist them in setting weekly goals while reflecting on their progress in personalized learning and project time.  Students set and track their own personalized short-term academic goals and long-term college and career goals.

My student is enrolling late in the school year.  How does this impact their learning on the Summit Platform?

Students who enroll after September 5th or after January 25th will be responsible for completing the individualized playlists they have missed from the start of that semester.  They will not be responsible for completing the project-based portion of the platform until they are on-track with their grade level peers.  Students are asked to complete missed playlists to ensure they are learning and mastering all grade level content and standards.